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The Weiss Lemon Law Firm – California

Welcome to our site. The Weiss Lemon Law Firm in California can help you solve your lemon law issues. If you have a car and you think it is a lemon, you should seek legal advice.

When to Seek a Lemon Attorney

If you purchased a vehicle and it has been in the shop multiple times for the same repair and still not fixed, that would be a great example of when you should seek the help of an attorney. Dealers and manufacturers should correct your issues and if that is not the case, let us look at your facts. While not everyone is entitled to a refund or compensation, allow the lemon law experts at The Weiss Law Firm to help you better understand your rights.

What is the California Lemon Law?

Essentially, it is litigation that protects consumers who have purchased a vehicle that is a lemon (meaning it has had repeated problems, often of the same type). CA Lemon Laws favor the consumer so they are not taken advantage of by large dealerships or corporations. A consumer should contact a qualified lemon law lawyer if they have issues they cannot resolve to their satisfaction.

Contact the Weiss Law Firm today if you think you have a lemon and need help dealing with the manufacturer or dealer.